If you leave everything behind and flee to a country you hardly know, how can you create a successful future? 

Every refugee faces obstacles:

  • Your diplomas aren’t valid
  •  It is difficult to learn a new language
  • You might not understand the culture
  • You don’t have your own network
  • Some people aren’t very welcoming towards refugees
  • You miss your friends and family
  • It is hard to find a job
  • And more…

Many refugees wrestle with serious traumas, making it even harder to rebuild their lives. But there also are countless refugees who are living happy and fulfilling lives.

What is their secret? If every refugee has to deal with the same kind of obstacles, then why do some people fail and others succeed?

By creating The Secret of Successful Refugees (SSR) it is our goal to give every refugee the tools and insight they need to take charge of their lives and become successful.

We share stories of successful refugees, conduct research and give practical advice on how to succeed. Do you want to share your story? Click here.

Information for government agencies and nonprofits

Some governments approach refugees as a problem. A challenge. We are convinced that having refugees in your country is an opportunity.

Every refugee has their own knowledge and skills, and can be beneficial to the community. If a person can’t contribute, they still deserve to be treated with respect.

Refugees are humans. Not problems.

This is why we advise government agencies and non-profits how they can help “their” refugees. We have cultural advisors from all over the world, who can explain how government agencies can start successfully integrating refugees. We consult nonprofits and share our best practices with them.

We also advise employers on how to deal with different cultures on the work floor. Do you want to know more about our services? Send an email to Judith@successfulrefugees.com


Editor in Chief: Judith Valentijn

Research & Interviews: Angelita Medas

Cultural advisors: Wissam Swid, Ronda Moussa

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